Thursday, July 28, 2016




  • History and toil of the remote eye trackers
  • Different kinds of eye movements 
  • Question of interest and general results
  • How we went about our experiment
  • methods used for setting up the experiment
  • IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval
  • number of participants 
  • procedure: calibration, image viewing, post viewing recollection, survey 
  • Further explain the difference between the real and virtual settings of experiment. 
  • Add a slide with the directions given to participants.
  • Add some of the audio recordings of participant's recollection? (with permission of the participants of course!)
Virtual Reality: 
  • Computer programming and using python
  • Reason for virtual relaity setting
  • How we built our virtual reality scene
  • to be continued....
  • Results in deep detail
  • Susan Farnand
  • Elena Fedorovskaya
  • Bob Callens
  • Joe Pow
  • Jeff Pelz
  • Gabe Diaz
  • All Graduate Students
  • All Participants in experiment

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