Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 6th

Today, we started off with simple introductions and got to know all of the interns. Then, we had a tour of the Carlson building and learned all about Carlson who basically founded Xerox. After that, we went down to the barn to do team bonding exercises. We were assigned many different challenges to work together on to find solutions. For example, the most difficult challenge we were assigned in my opinion was the challenge in which we had to purify the container full of toxic waste ( water jar full of water) by getting past the force field using only a rope. We had to communicate together efficiently to purify the container without any individual going past the force field. Although we failed miserable, we still had lots of fun and learned so many different lessons that will help us in our work. After the bonding exercises, we went for lunch and had burritos. They were amazing!. After that, we went out Visual perception professor and he taught us many things. We learned about the anatomy of the eye like the cornea and the ancillary muscles surrounding them. We also learned about the retina which is a film like structure that "keeps" the image. In addition to this, the optic nerve serves as the transmitter from the eye to the brain. We then learned about the different eye movements and focused specifically on saccades which are shifts back and force. Moreover, we learned about smooth pursuit where the eye travels along a smooth line. Then, we learned about the history of the eye tracking devices. 
It was a great first day!  

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