Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12th

Today was a pretty interesting day. We started off the day with a question that we had about computer programming. We learned more about binary language that computers use ( they only use 0s and 1s and operate in 8 bit piece data). After talking to Mr. Pelz, we went with Susan to view the gallery. Alice, Nate and I started thinking about the wording of the questions that we would ask the other interns. We tried to think about confounding variables and word bias. We then went to lunch where I ate my beautiful buttery bagel. After lunch, my group and I went to the lab where we met with Elena and talked about abstract art. We talked about a french artist and viewed some of his images to try to analyze his art. It was pretty interesting to see everyone's interpretations of the abstract art. for example, Alice saw a proposal, while I saw a guy and a girl dancing together and a devil starting down at them. Clearly, we understand the purpose of the abstract art. After that, Bobby (a grad student brought down a program for us that we will be using for the virtual part of our experiment. Then, Nate took charge of the computer and we started the slideshow of the virtual gallery that we will be presenting to the other interns.
Overall, it was a very rewarding day!

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