Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13th

Today was a very fun day. we started off the day planning the picnic while Zihao was half asleep. We then talked about all of us going to lunch in global village on Thursdays. After that, my group and I went to meet up with Susan who talked to us more about refining our questions for the experiment. Today we finished most of the questionnaire that we are going to ask the other interns. Moreover, we sent all the interns the informed consent to make sure they can be part of our experiment. Later on the day, we went to lunch at 11 o'clock to attend the talk. The pizza was fantastic ( I really need to figure out where they buy it!). We then attended the talk with Professor Pelz who is my professor. His power point was very familiar to what we actually had in boot camp and thus I knew most of the stuff. By the way, when he asked me how many neurons in the brain and I said 250,000, I actually thought he was asking how many cones are in the eyes. The right answer is 150,000 so 250,000 is pretty close! Thus, I am not completely stupid. Anyways, after the talk, we went up to the lab again where my co-interns and I worked on our online questionnaire and the virtual program. We went with bobby for a couple of minutes to pick out the pictures that we would have in our gallery and then used them to upload thumbnails on the virtual gallery. It was a very productive day today!

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