Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8th

Today was a more laid back day. I arrived at around 8:30 and waited a couple minutes till the morning meeting at 8:45. During the meeting, we discussed a little about the abstract and our eventual/ ultimate question. After the meeting, I went to the MVRL lab where we talked about the articles that we picked out last time. I learned so much about jealousy and its correlations with the brain. for example, the experiment determined that there was a lot of left frontal cortex activity associated with feelings of jealousy and that the left frontal cortex is associated with approach. Thus, it does make sense that the two are correlated. My co intern picked an article about decision making and its correlation with eye movements. That article was also extremely interesting and original. Their experiment involved two people each having a single penny. If they get the same faced pennies, then one of them wins and if different pennies then the other wins (they decide this beforehand). The experiment studied the eye movements between the two partners and how these movements eventually correlated with who won. My other co intern did research on machine vision and an algorithm that was used to determine the percentage and distribution of pizza toppings on a pizza which in addition to being extremely entertaining, was full of knowledge. We then headed out to lunch and had our first picnic together. Although it was raining, we used the tent to grill cheese burgers and complemented the meal with chips. After it stopped raining, the interns and I played volleyball for approximately 20 minutes before we had to head back inside. We aren't exactly a varsity team but we had a lot of fun together!. I headed back up to the lab where we were assigned the task of seeing if we can find another article that cited our previously chosen article to see if any further research as been done on that topic. Although i didn't have much luck finding that, I did find another article that was extremely interesting about using fMRI to diagnose the severity of a coma. I can't wait to read that article!

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