Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25th

Today was a very rainy day. Driving was pretty difficult in the morning but I managed to make it! ( thank god). The morning meeting was brief and quiet. Everyone was completely dead this morning. After the meeting, my group and I went down to the visual perception lab and worked some more on BeGaze and AOI. I brainstormed a brief outline of our presentation this morning. Susan then came in to tell us that we will be working with Gabe tomorrow ( I am very excited) on building another part of our experiment.

Lunch today was quiet in the beginning, but then it got louder as we progressed. All of the interns played a board game (Trivial Pursuit). Can I just say that that game was really hard?. We only managed to answer two questions!. Nevertheless, it was fun watching everyone struggling and laughing together. I also learned the correct pronunciation for Calvin Klein (you don't stress the ien in case you wanted to know!). 

After lunch, my group and I went back to the lab where we continued working. I had a new task though! For the rest of the afternoon, I performed statistical analysis of our data to further analyze the data and hopefully aid in the conclusion of our lab. 

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