Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20th

The morning meeting today was pretty short. We further discussed our projects and our trip next week which I am very excited about. After the meeting, Allyse planned out Friday's barbecue which I unfortunately/fortunately will be missing due to a wedding that I will be attending. 

Nate, Alice and I then got to work on our experiment. Three out of the six test subjects finished the experiment today. The other three will be doing it tomorrow. After gathering all of the data, my group and I should have a better understanding of how we will analyze the data. 

We then went to the pizza lunch. The pizza was late but is Absolutely DELICIOUS. One of these days, I will remember to ask where they buy the pizza from. The talk today was given by Chris about machine vision (which isn't really a topic I have ever considered going into) , but after he talked more about it, I thought it was interesting and definitely a highly valued career. 

After lunch, some of the other interns came to visit our little room and asked us to show them around a bit! (of course we told them nothing that would screw up the experiment nor shown them anything that they will see later on). However, they seemed satisfied with the little information we gave them anyways. After they left, my group and I further worked on analyzing the data and working with Be Gaze to determine the area of interest. 

Hopefully, we will make a breakthrough discovery! (probably not but a 17 year old girl can dream). 

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