Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7th

Today was yet another interesting day at RIT. We had a tour of the vitual perception lab and met another one of our advisers who talked to us a little about virtual reality and its application to human life. We further discussed out interests and how that is applicable to eye movements and coordination. After that, we met up with our professor to learn more in "boot camp". Today, we reviewed all the information from yesterday and learned more about the making of eye trackers. We then  talked a little about our ultimate goal for the project which in very broad terms is simply "How does vision impact action?". we then learned that we are working on a new and efficient eye tracking device and we looked at the tracking of corneal reflection and pupil reflection and the relative movements of each. Then, we were to find an article about an experiment that deals with eye movement that interests us. I picked an article about the correlation between eye movements and jealousy. We did this using google scholar which is an amazing website that i wish I knew about sooner!. By tomorrow, we need to read the intro, abstract and conclusion and discuss it broadly.
I am extremely interested in my article and excited about the eye tracking device! 

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