Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th

Today was an overall nice transition back from the internship. We started off with out morning meeting where all of the interns talked little about what they will be doing. It was very productive as we all gained insight into the kinds of thing that we will be learning about. We then went to professor Pelz who gave us a quick recap about what we did in Boot Camp and talked more about computer programming ( language of computer) that uses 0 and 1s. It was fun to learn a little bit about that. After that, we met Susan and Elena who showed us the gallery that we will be using to see the eye movements in the real life. We then went to the media design lab to see more of the virtual world lab and really try out the  mobile eye tracker that we will be working with. The interns and I discovered a new place downstairs to sit for a change of scenery for lunch. It was great talking to everyone some more. After lunch, I was in a lot of pain ( my stomach really hurt so it was hard for me to concentrate for the most part) but Alice and Nick tried out the eye tracker again and got more familiar with the system. We concluded the day with a talk about color perception using the eye trackers given by a student of Professor Elena. It dealt with salience and which colors were more attractable to the eye. It was an amazing talk that ended the day just right!.

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