Friday, July 15, 2016

july 15th

today was a rather productive day. we talked about our abstract in the morning meeting and also talked about bring a friend day where we eventually agreed to do so on august 2nd. i wish it was bring friends day because i want to bring all of my siblings!

after the morning meeting, my group went to set up part of the experiment in a classroom. it was toilsome but we made it. we then obtained materials for our experiment and mase sure we are ready to go on monday.

we then went to the picnic lunch where we ate hotdogs, lots of chips and neopolitan icecream. everything was so good especially the icecream!

after lunch, my group and I Spent time getting familiar with begaze and using eyetrackers. it was pretty fun and i learned alot.

i cannt wait for Monday where everyone will bring thier permission slips( i hope) so that we can begin the experiment.

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