Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14th

Today was a pretty interesting day over all. During the meeting, Mr. Callens,  talked about our abstract and doing them before Monday morning. Thus, the first thing that our group did was write it collaboratively (see Nate's page for the abstract). The abstract was a little difficult to write but overall we managed to do it well ( I think). I am looking forward to the constructive criticism though.

After writing the abstract, we spent time exploring the program that we are going to use to track eye movements. there are many different features that are provided through this program. Although I am not the best with computers in general, I found the program to be interesting overall. Elena then came in and discussed with us the wording of our overarching research questions. We also talked about our conditions and perfecting our experimental design.

We then went to lunch where all the interns went to Salsaritas and ate together. it was expensive but a fun lunch together.

After lunch, Alice, Nate and I went down to see the 3d printers in action. They are very interesting. They use different colored plastics to produce the materials needed. However, they are very expensive and time consuming ( A single minuscule object could take up to 3 hours to produce). However, we are getting the nose pieces 3d printed for us for use on the eye trackers.

My group then went back to the MVRL lab to try out the program using the nose pieces that we got 3d printed. After that, we spent time classifying our objects of interest ( not going to say what they are or else this might ruin our experiment). We did run into trouble while doing so due to many subjective criteria. However, I think our group finally agreed on general classifications.

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