Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th

In the morning meeting, we all gave an update on our projects. Everyone's project sounded very cool. I can't wait till the final presentation where I will get to learn some more!  Zihao was late during the morning meeting. We all assumed he slept in but he was actually sick ( hope he feels better).
After that, my fellow interns and I started the experiment for treatment group 2. We made sure everyone was calibrated and we put final touches on the second part of our experiment. After we tested everyone, the interns and I went to lunch  where Madi graciously brought us all oreo balls ( they were absolutely delicious). We then talked about Korean restaurants and having a Korean barbecue some day! It sounds interesting. I have only had Korean food a couple of times but I found it delicious!
After lunch, my group and I got to work. Alice and I worked on analyzing data on be gaze while Nate created spreadsheets to hopefully help us further with our analysis. Overall, it was a productive day!

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