Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1st

Today was.... weird.
I started off the day with a daydream. You know those dreams you think you are awake but really asleep? That's how my day started off today. 
So I shook it off, and tried to get through the rest of the day. 
I then went to ear breakfast and realized WE RAN OUT OF CREAM CHEESE!!!!!!!!
How can I eat my bagel WITHOUT CREAM CHEESE?
It turns out, bagels taste pretty good with butter too. So I ate it with butter instead. 
Anyways, after my morning dilemma, I finally arrived at RIT for the morning meeting. Emily texted me that she was sick so I texted her "feel better". 
The morning meeting was pretty short and straight to the point. 
This morning was pretty laid back. I worked on python and programming. I also learned about tuples and sets and did another weird skit on Python. I had Alice test it and she liked it! (even though she just nodded her head "sure" when I asked her if she was impressed)
Lunch was delicious. I had chicken and rice so I was very happy. During lunch, I watched a presidential campaign and read some news.
After lunch, I kept programming. Programming is really fun! 
I left a little early today because I had a short appointment. Nonetheless, I still managed to be somewhat productive! ( I hope). 

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