Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2nd

"Bring a friend day" was fun but tiring. I felt like a mom trying to make sure everyone is ok and is having fun. For the most part, my siblings enjoyed it. However, they wished that they would have seen more because the day was kind of slow. They especially enjoyed the lunch at salsaritas though!

I spent the morning showing my siblings different parts of the lab including the eye tracking lab and the AOI. Emily was also pretty helpful with making sure that everyone saw most things. We then prepared for lunch.

After lunch, Sara (my sister) went with me to the MVRL lab and I showed her how to do the AOI. She did it for quite awhile! I think she enjoyed it!

George and Ereny saw Niel's astronomy lab. After that, they stayed in the reading room where they got book recommendations and interacted some more!

I am ready for a nap!

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