Friday, August 5, 2016

August 5th

Today was one of my favorite Fridays. I met up with some interns to go to breakfast for the undergraduate symposium today. I must say, however, I was very disappointed with the breakfast. I mean it was pastries which is good, but I can't just eat pastries. I am a growing teenager and would have preferred eggs and waffles. However, I can't complain... It is free food after all!

After breakfast, I attended some really good talks. The first one was my favorite. It was about isolating streptococcus mutans serotype k ( a bad dental bacteria) that could be extremely detrimental to our health since it can cause things such as heart disease. It was a good talk but I already had previous knowledge about the topic and therefore I enjoyed it more than others. Emily and I then met up with Alice to attend a talk about carbon nanotubes. That talk was somewhat interesting but hard for me to comprehend at times. From what I understand, he was using the carbon nanotubes to reinforce hos materials. He talked a lot about testing the material's durability. However, I wish I understood some more of the details. The third talk I went to was a blur because I sat down for a minute and then it was over (she finished early and I had come in late.)

I then went back to the reading room where I polished up the abstract and talked through Emily's project with her. I also happened to learn more about space shuttles. Did you know there was a space station in space? I can practically see looks of disappointments as I type this sentence but one must not tell lies (Harry potter reference).

I then went to lunch. The talk during lunch was very interesting too. The lady who gave it was a high school dropout who went back to RIT and eventually ended up starting her own company that promotes solar powered technologies. It was an amazing talk.

After lunch, I came back to the reading room only to find out that Alice wasn't feeling well. I was extremely concerned. I gave her very vague medical advice . Being the good doctor that I hopefully will be, I told her to drink water and eat sugary fruits. I hope she feels better. I then polished up the abstract and learned some really cool math facts from Neils.

I think today was the most I have ever learned for a Friday.

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