Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11th

Today was a very productive day.
In the morning, Alice and I finished our presentation for the most part (we still have to add videos and pictures that our adviser will send us.)
Lunch was quick and brief because most of the interns wanted to present after lunch to each other to get feedback.
My presentation was first. The other interns gave Alice and I really helpful feedback. For example,they suggested some picture addition and also defining gaze parameters. I will make sure to add the appropriate pictures. As for the gaze parameters, I think I will briefly define it in the slide. However, we elaborate on it later on in the presentation and therefore I wouldn't spend much time defining it. However, overall, Alice and I did okay for our first time presenting. The other interns also did amazing. I think we all did great for our first time presenting.
After the presentation, Madi and I went to Java's (again). I really think this is our tradition now. Anyways, we got a strawberry smoothie.
It was the sketchiest smoothie I have ever had.
It was really just syrup and strawberries blended together.
The flavor for the smoothie was there but it was missing the consistency.
After I came back, I continued working on the presentation. I was able to import a video of the eye tracking onto the presentation.

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