Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10th

Today I did stuff!
In the morning, I finished tweaking the MVRL rough draft presentation. I am not quite done though. I do have to add some videos and practice the power point.
During lunch, Dr. Roger Easton gave us a lengthy presentation about document restoration. I was extremely impressed by everything he has done. Especially interesting to me was his visit to the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. I think it is amazing that he stayed at St. Catherine's monastery there. He was especially passionate about Georgia and their food. I hope I get to try their food (Add to bucket list).
Madi, Allyse, Alice and I then went to Java's. Madi and I shared a chocolate situation drink, which contrary to its name, is basically coffee. Madi was really disappointed!  like coffee so I didn't mind as much.
The rest of the afternoon I spent working.

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